Kód: 1090 | Značka: ThornFit

Squat bar ThornFit

5 500 Kč 4 545,45 Kč bez DPH
Kategorie: Osy a příslušenství
Hmotnost: 20 kg

SQUAT+bar ThornFit is a solution that thanks to its geometry, changes the weight distribution of the weighted barbell. Lowering the center of gravity increases the ability to maintain balance, which increases control during squats. The bar was made in accordance with the standards of Olympic barbells in terms of diameter, material and durability parameters.

Technical specification:

  • Length: 220 cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Number of grips: 2 kg
  • Grip diameter: 34 mm