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Tréninkové kladivo sledgehammer ThornFit 10 kg

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Kategorie: Kladiva a lana
Hmotnost: 10 kg

ThornFit gymnastic hammer used for Sledgehammer Workout is a great tool that differentiates upper body workouts, involving a wide group of muscles.

The hammer is made of high quality structural steel. The monolithic head is constructed in a way that provides long-lasting use thanks to the beveled and curved edges. The long, double-knurled handle combined with head using high quality weld allows for a strong grip during exercise.

Technical data:

  • Weight: 10kg
  • Handle diameter: 42,5mm
  • Overall lenght of the hammer: 96cm
  • Width of hammer head: 8cm
  • Lenght of the hammer head: 17,5cm
  • Knurling: 21,5/19/21cm
  • Weight tolerance: 6%