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Olympijský kotouč ThornFit competition 20 kg

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Kategorie: Bumpery a kotouče
Hmotnost: 20 kg

In our offer you will also find Olympic Plates, whose construction has been meticulously refined to provide the highest plates endurance. The new Competition Plates consists of two flat steel sleeves screwed together. A carefully selected high density plastic is clamped between the steel sleeves. The large contact surface between the materials makes the plate has excellent cushioning properties.

With more steel in its structure, plates are thinner than Enduro Bumpers.


  • outer diameter of bumper: 450mm (IWF standards) 
  • materials: steel plates and thermosetting technopolymer
  • inner hole: 50,5mm
  • color: black with color markings
  • lip on the edges for easier pick-up
  • bumper thickness: 5.3cm